Services & Solutions

Modeling and Analysis for Business

8 Bells delivers insightful studies and reports, and establishes financial and business consulting for a variety of individuals and companies. 8 Bells translates business data into models, providing forecasts and supporting decisions. We analyze and solve business and economic questions with data analysis tools through a series of key ideas and processes that reflect complex realities and include advanced modeling of risks and uncertainties. Therefore, we are in position to identify optimal choices and how such selections change, contributing to your success and profitability.

Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis of Market Data for Investors

The research of 8 Bells takes into account fundamental financial aspects as well as qualitative and technical components so as to provide a clear insight of how the economic framework is going to evolve to a certain domain. Furthermore, our team exploits advanced mechanisms and inspects a wide variety of fields, ranging from state macroeconomics to particular markets, indices, stocks, and other assets. Thus, our tools can help for deciding an investment mix, the policy type, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and many other tradeoffs encountered in the attempt to maximize return at a given appetite for risk. Specialized investment plans, including the level of hedging and risk profiling within the preferable market areas are built on both corporate and separate levels.